10 ways in which print can greatly help your business

10 ways in which print can greatly help your business

In the modern day, people are always talking about using social media and digital advertising as platforms to grow a business. They’re completely overlooking the benefits that still surround printed media and, as a result, aren’t meeting their growth potential. If you want to provide your business with a holistic approach to growth, then it’s vital that you also focus on printed media as a way to reach your customers. In this article, we’re going to explain 10 ways in which printed media can greatly help your business.

1. People still don’t trust digital advertisements

According to a study carried out by PR Newswire, consumers still don’t trust pop up ads. In fact, only around 25% of consumers trust online pop-up advertisements. Among the 2,400. U.S consumers that took part in the survey, 82% trusted printed ads on newspapers and magazines while another 76% would trust direct mail. Although these numbers are unique to the US, it does help to show just how effective printed advertisements can be versus digital promotional materials.

2. Printed media is more relevant to user interest

There are a plethora of statistics that point towards printed media being more relevant to customers. For instance, two-thirds of direct mail is viewed immediately and around 40% of consumers in a study made a purchase in the past three months because of a piece of mail. Compare to emails which are often ignored or sent immediately to a spam folder, printed media is far more relevant to user interest and has a higher chance of converting into a sale.

3. Ad blockers are becoming far more common

You’ve likely heard of people using ad-blocking software on their computers and mobile devices which allows them to avoid pop-up advertisements and even video ads that are embedded into videos and internet podcasts and music services. This drastically reduces the effectiveness of online advertising which makes print a much more reliable choice. In fact, Statista projects that 27.5% of internet users will use an ad blocker by 2020. This is over a quarter of internet users and it’s a staggering amount. In other words, you’re effectively blocked from being visible to over 25% of your potential audience if you decide to rely solely on digital advertising.

4. Direct mail improves customer engagement

According to IWCO Direct, direct mail response rates have been increasing over the past few years. This means that more people are contacting companies and connecting to websites that are related to the companies which send those direct pieces of mail. This shows that direct mail can help improve customer engagement and assist in growing your customer base and the number of qualified leads that you can follow up with.

5. Not everyone in the UK is on the internet, especially older audiences

The internet might be a must-use service for most people, but a surprising number of adults don’t actually use the internet. Although 99% of the UK’s population between the ages of 16 and 34 have used the internet, only 44% of adults aged 75 years and over have used the internet. To add to this statistic, 20% of disabled adults have never used the internet and around 8.4% of adults overall have not used the internet. This means that a fair large percentage of your potential audience will never notice your products and services if you focus solely on a digital marketing campaign.

6. Adding mail as a marketing tool is proven to increase sales

According to the Royal Mail, marketing campaigns that utilise mail experience a 27% increase in sales. They also experience a 104% growth in market share and 40% growth in acquisition. The same infographic also goes on to show the emotional impact mail has as opposed to digital advertising and also how mail appeals to all life stages, both of which can have a positive impact on your sales figures.

7. Your business will stand out in a sea of competition

A survey carried out by FedEx Office shows that professional printing services for physical advertising materials can help businesses stand out. Whether it’s a business card, flyers or even posters, 4 out of 5 small business owners agree that professionally-printed media has helped their business stand out. This will increase your exposure and help you get noticed among all of the competition that you have to contend with. The survey also shows that consumers agree that the quality of your print is related to the quality of your services.

8. Printed media isn’t restricted by the GDPR

If you operate a business that serves customers online within the EU then you’ve likely had to adjust to the GDPR in order to remain compliant. As you may know, the GDPR can be incredibly limiting and will restrict the types of data you can collect and use. However, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) states that postal marketing doesn’t require consent if it’s aimed at current or past customers or those that have a legitimate interest in your business. This ultimately means that you will not be hindered by regulations such as the GDPR if you utilise printed media as a part of your promotional campaigns.

9. Improve your presence at trade shows

Printed media such as banners, posters and business cards can help improve your presence at a trade show. Around 67% of attendees at a trade show represent a new prospect and potentially a customer, so it’s vital to focus on your trade show appearances and maximise your audience. A poor trade show appearance could negatively affect your business and drastically reduce the potential of your business.

10. Print studios offer a wide range of printed media options

Although there are plenty of unique ways to advertise your products and services through digital platforms, there’s also a wide variety of printed media options available. From leaflets to business cards and even posters, printed media can be customised to your needs and you’re also able to reuse design elements such as your logo, colour scheme, slogan and copywriting.

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