The 7 Cs Of Why Brand Image Is Important

The 7 Cs Of Why Brand Image Is Important

Ah, ahoy there business owner. Are you a little lost out there surfing the web for ways to rescue your marketing strategies from drowning? Then let me let you into a little secret: brand development is the answer.

With the right brand development, your company will look shipshape in no time. Or, you know, you could keep persisting with the current plans that are slowly leading you to shipwreck. The choice is yours, me hearty.

Want to join us on the journey to splendiferous results before the ship of brand development sails? Then hop aboard, we’re about to explore the seven Cs…

1. Catchy

SEO and other marketing tools may well secure visibility. Sadly, my liege, without the right brand image, you’ll soon be sending out an SOS.

There are over 5 million businesses in the UK alone, and your chance to grab their attention will pass in the blink of an eye. Brand development prevents your business from becoming the same as all the others, thus allowing you to stand out from the crowd and make yourself loud and proud in the battle for a customer’s attention. Stupendously, this works for both online and offline strategies.

After all, you can’t win a customer over if they don’t even recognise that you exist. 

2. Connection

Getting noticed is one thing. Alas, it counts for nothing if the memories of your brand are swept away. Good company branding creates the connection needed to stay relevant and memorable.

Familiarity will make customers feel closer to your brand, especially when the brand development focuses on concepts that strike a chord. Incredibly, 89% of consumers stay loyal to brands that share their values. Warms your cockles, eh? With the right brand stylist on your side, showcasing your brand personality becomes easier than shooting fish in a barrel. 

People don’t buy products; they buy people. Charisma and charm are your allies.

3. Clarity

Has an advert ever left you scratching your head because you weren’t sure what message the company was trying to portray? It is outrageously frustrating, and infuriatingly commonplace.

Company branding delivers a clear message every time. Given that 86% of consumers crave authenticity, this is a vital step on the big blue watery road to treasure. Clients and potential leads should have no ambiguity about the brand’s purpose. Aha, but only you can make it happen – even if it is facilitated through the medium of a marketing specialist.

If you don’t present your brand message, you can’t expect users to embrace it. Sorry, sunshine.

4. Communication

Transparency in your ad campaigns only tells half the story. Clarity in communication should be extended to all interactions. Otherwise, you could see sales slip through the trap door.

Studies show it takes 8 touch points to gain a conversion, and who are we to argue with the science? Brand development is an integral feature of building the right communication links. Because, whether you like it or not, the brand isn’t a tangible thing. It is something that exists in the minds of your customers, and is gained through the sum of all interactions shared.

Without the right brand development, you’ll never master customer communications.

5. Consistency

When a consumer completes a transaction or interacts with the brand in any other way, they do not want to be met with any nasty surprises. Consistent brand development is king.

Consistent branding can translate to 23% more revenue. To be honest, we shouldn’t need to say much more. So, every aspect of the brand should fit together like pieces in a jigsaw. Logos, colour schemes, websites, email marketing, social media content, videos, animations, client care, and a host of other factors feed into this factor. It’s mind-boggling, but you cannot afford to ignore it.

If you do, the most likely outcome is that clients will wave ta-ta to your business forever.

6. Cost-efficiency

Blimey, the number of businesses that overlook the need for cost-efficiency never ceases to blow our minds. When you spend less, you stress less. And brand development will work wonders.

Feeding on the idea of consistency, good brand developments gives all employees a set framework. Those practices ensure that they can complete tasks without dastardly disruptions or delays. Given that time is the #1 most valuable resource in your business, the rewards of getting it right are simply marvellous. Brand development helps make it happen.

Moreover, when you know what clients love about the brand, you’ll reduce the waste.

7. Conversions

Dozens of barometers can be used to decipher whether a business is succeeding or failing. But there is only one question that truly matters: are you making money? 

If you’re eager to secure your pieces of eight, a good brand stylist can help create the strong impressions needed to make it happen. Top performing businesses can gain 5x the average conversion rates, and brand development is the most important factor behind the extraordinary results. Conversely, those that ignore it will be destined for an eternity of mediocre ROIs.

In short: if you want to boost your bottom line, good branding is the key that unlocks the treasure chest.

So, what next?

Tally ho, by now you should see that branding has an essential role to play in the future of your business. However, mastering the process may seem almost impossible. Don’t fear, help is available.

But you must not fall for a rawgabbit. Only a dedicated team of experts that understand how to device, implement, and monitor the branding strategy will do. We don’t like to boast but, well, Nettl Of Plymouth is the only service you need. We offer a comprehensive and fully personalised service that transform your entire company through the following features:

You need a strong brand development strategy, perhaps even more than you need marketing campaigns themselves. We take care of the process of building a ship you want to show off, allowing you to focus on steering it to success.